The New Normal

Your New At-Home Foot Care Solution

We expertly blend Apple Cider Vinegar with a proven combination of oils, botanical extracts and performance ingredients to beautify, refresh and relieve common foot care concerns. Our line of at-home treatments encompasses what you need to upgrade your grooming routine while providing a one-stop shop for all of your foot care needs.

Be it sneakers, sandals or stilettos, wearing shoes can wear out your feet. After an intense workout, a day at the beach or a long night out on the town we’ve come up with proven products to help nourish, refresh and revive your feet from heel to toe.

Our Obsession With Apple Cider Vinegar.
We love Apple Cider Vinegar! Did you know Apple Cider Vinegar is widely recognized for its health benefits and detoxification properties? Our star ingredient is rich in acetic acid and alpha hydroxy acid to help address common foot care concerns by helping detoxify, refresh and revive stinky, tired feet.

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